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About Philsurv Geodetic Services

Philsurv Geodetic Services recognizes the different uses of land surveys for the purpose of real estate management and engineering/architectural design. Our surveys will provide cost-effective and informative survey plans. Our products are designed to inform clients of possible boundary disputes, encroachments, errors in technical descriptions, exact location of the land on the ground as per title and other land issues that need to be considered in land development. Our engineering survey plans are designed to inform engineers and architects of the actual conditions on a construction site. These survey plans are made with close coordination with the engineers and architects to provide accurate information for their design requirements. It is our continuous goal to improve and revise our systems to provide information that may be of use not just for the current issues but for the future issues that our clients may come across.

Core Value:

"Commitment to Reliability Beyond Expectation"

Purpose #1 

High Value Surveys



Competitive Prices


Customer Oriented

Purpose #2


Work - Life Balanced Culture

Purpose #3


Our dream is for philsurv to provide the best opportunity for employees and clients

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