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Responsibilities and work environment include:

  • Knowledge on the types of surveys and the purpose of client quote requests

  • Preparation of sales engineering quotes based on the purpose of the project

  • Acceptance of projects processing

  • Preparation of sales reports

  • Training with research in government agencies

  • Basic construction projects (Example: Walls, fences or permanent posts)


Qualifications are:

  • A graduate of Civil Engineering course

  • Math skills must be at least basic college graduate level

  • Certificates are an advantage

  • License is an advantage

  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Office, Cad, Windows, and Google applications.

  • Willing to be trained as a full-time employee and grow with the company

Required Skills:


  • Business Correspondence

  • Organizing and Planning

  • Social Perceptiveness

  • Persuasion and Negotiation

  • Equipment, Material and Structural Inspection

  • Customer Service

Licenses and Certifications:

  • College Degree preferred in Business Administration

  • Copies of SSS, GSIS, and other government issued IDs if available

These positions offer exposure to a diverse workload that provides for excellent professional development with a future. 

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