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Responsibilities and work environment include:

  • Safely driving a van, a pick-up or an SUV

  • Car maintenance

  • Working in the field during survey projects

  • Learn to do surveys and potentially become an Instrument man

  • Research with government agencies

  • Pick up and submission of documents

  • Driving around NCR and random locations in Luzon

  • In some occasions, employee might have to stay on site for a number of weeks

  • Field work range from city lots to remote areas

  • Promotion of the company’s core ideology

Qualifications are:

  • At high school graduate, but college graduates preferred

  • High school graduate math skills required

  • Unexpired driver’s license required

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office, Windows and Google applications preferred

  • Physical requirements of the job will require driving to a site, working on the field with the survey team and carrying equipment/mohons

  • Can maintain surveying equipment

  • Driving

Fill up our application form here:

 You may submit your CV here:

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