Responsibilities and work environment include:


  • Management of recruitment, selection and introduction of applicants;

  • Management of personnel, training and development courses performance and reward management;

  • Career planning;

  • Planning and execution of monthly employee events, overall company meetings and parties;

  • Management of office facilities and company assets;

  • Coordination with accountant in relation to salaries and taxes;

  • Become a leader in the office space and inspire employee moral;

  • Work environment is 90% in the office;


Qualifications are:


  • College graduate preferred

  • Math skills must be at least basic college graduate level

  • Certificates are an advantage

  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Office, Windows and Google applications.

  • A degree in Business Administration in Human Resource Development Management, Psychology, or equivalent is preferred


Required Skills:


  • Organizing and Planning

  • Telephone Skills

  • Relationship Management

  • MS Office

  • Record Keeping

  • Clerical Skills

  • Employee Relations

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