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PGS 379 Sketch Plan
PGS 183 Sketch Plan
PGS 646 Sketch Plan
PGS 452 Sketch Plan
PGS 281 Sketch Plan

Clients wants a location map showing all properties offered (ones with the title) and the commercial and institutional places of interests.


Data in order to facilitate preparation/processing shall include but not limited to: 
a.Must at least identify the block or estimated position of the property.
b.Copy of Transfer Certificate of Title.
c.Authorization letter for Philsurv to conduct research of titles, tax declarations and survey plans in              behalf of the clients.
Any documents that can be are useful for the survey or can increase the speed of the survey. For example:
1.Tax declarations
2. Adjoining lot titles and subdivision plans
3. Appraisal reports
4. Former survey plans


• Client wants a drawing and an estimate of the lot on the satellite image 

• Property is in search and client wants to know the location with satellite image available on Google Maps.

• Boundaries stated are not exact since it is only a sketch plan. Exact boundaries can only be attained if the client requests for a relocation survey. 

• For building, fencing and zoning permits in their municipality.

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